Our Team

Mr. Mahabal Poojary

Founder & Chairman. 1972 – Present.

Founded the company with a vision of having a die-hard focus on quality. With his priorities of appreciation and care for his employees and workers, it has become his philosophy and still remains the same.

Mr. Subhash Kotian

Director & Group leader

With a keen interest in the field of electronics, he joined SEPL in the year of 1987 & at present is the director. One of his many strengths is the final execution in every project. He also leads the labours authority department.

Mr. Aarun Poojary

Director & Group leader

Became a part of this company in the year 1993 & is now the director with an innovative and global thinking standard. He takes the strategic decisions also handles SEPL’s global clients.

Mr. Damodar Amin

Project & Group leader

Playing the role of a GM in terms of projects, their execution, timelines etc. requires dedication to another level. He does his job with complete conviction and hardcore professionalism.