One Window Solution

By bringing together a team of experts & professionals in various technologies as associates, SEPL group of companies has the ability to provide solutions to almost every vertical in every field under one roof. The entire team of professionals has decades of experience and a track record of complete customer satisfaction. SEPL stands responsible for the seamless process of coordination so that, designers can concentrate on their distinct forte of planning and leaving the execution to us.

Labour Resources

Questions regarding SEPL's ability to attract and maintain a highly skilled electrical workforce while working in so many regions throughout the country rise often. SEPL has developed a plan and strategy which employs the highest of pre-qualifying skill set standards in the electrical industry. SEPL maintains and functions in the market place with a motivated workforce of 150 skilled craftsmen supported by an energetic, and strong field management & supervision. We have around 20 approved labour contractors each having a staff strength of 30 - 40 people each; who have been selected after a stringent selection process.


SEPL conducts Indoor / Outdoor training with external consultants for its team members on a regular basis for technical, safety measures & quality training. The team is also trained for communication skills, team building, mind-mapping, client management etc. so that their confidence in handling clients & their resources increases and helps in developing various expertise within themselves. SEPL has a state-of-the-art training room so that not a single area in the training is left untouched.

Process Planning System

Our precision process of estimation, CAD Designing, automated cost accounting and project management systems are an important element of the SEPL Advantage. The SEPL Team is supported by a comprehensive ERP integrated systems which enable complete project tracking including cost, manpower, schedule and materials delivery.

Financial Strength

SEPL has the essential capacity and financial strength that meetsevery project's requirements. We have proven capabilities of handling high value projects of 15-20 lakh sq.ft. area annually. Our accounting system and financial records are reviewed quarterly by an independent accounting firm and occasionally reviewed by NSIC-CRISIL rating for performance and credit ratings of small scale industries.

These advantages provide our clients the assurance that their projects will not only meet their specifications, but also be constructed within the given budget on time, with the highest margin of safety and accountability.